Festival Caravane Tighmert 2016

After the experience of the first edition, we decided to increase the number of artists, thanks to the local population that let us three houses to accommodate thm. During a week some of them worked producing some art installations, others made researches based on the oasis (its sounds, its lights, its spaces, its people...), others made workshops with the children and the young people, from the oasis and its surroundings.

For this edition we had a budget of 2.600€, thanks to the donation some people did, but with no official funds.

More information in: www.caravanetighmert.com


The houses


After the success of the first edition, the inhabitants got more involved and they let us 4 more houses where the artists stayed and where they worked. It was also an opportunity for artists to experience the way of live in these traditional architectures, also a way to show the possibilities of these espaces and constructions from a contemporary point of view, because culture infrastructures do not need a great money investment...


the visual artists


the performing artists


thoughts about alternatif culture spaces