Tissardmine DesertLab

Tissardmine, September 2014

organised by Marsad Drâa and Café Tissardmine

the program

episode 1: sand

The sand is a real problem in the desert. The dunes move quickly according to the winds and it is very difficult to stop them. Once they arrive to a palm grove, that is not in use, it is just a question of time to make it disappeared. Besides the houses and constructions of places without the protection of a palm grove must be adapted to the arrival of sand everyday, specially in windy days. During the workshop we have seen the effects of the sand in the houses, the barriers people do with palm branches and we have tried several solutions or even how we can use sand as a building material.

episode 2: earth

The earth bricks and the rammed earth walls are the elements used for building in this region. During the workshop we helped the inhabitants to build their community centre, a project we have already participated. This won't be just two rooms to make activities, for us it is also a research on windcatcher towers, in fact, we started to build one inside the building.

episode 3: landscape

Even if you think there is just one landscape in the area around Tissardmine, you can find lots of micro landscapes once you take your time to dive into the soul of this region. #desert #tissardmine #marsaddraa #workshop #landscape #dunes

episode 4: anthropology

Moroccan artist Rachid Ouhnni, studies the relation between children and "urban" spaces. In 2013 during the workshop in Tighmert (Guelmim) he worked with some children of the oasis and they showed him how they use its spaces. This time he worked again with children, but in a completely different place, with other landscapes, other tribes, other cultures... This is what the children of Tissardmine have in mind when they have to describe their village.