🅦 Condensation water catcher Tissardmine (Morocco) 2016 partner: Café Tissardmine


The village of Tissardmine offers us the opportunity of testing a system to get water from the condensation produced by night during the winter. It is based on the system used in the Atacama desert (Chile) and also on the water catchers of the Teide mountains in the Canaries Islands (they get drinking water from the clouds). 

The proposal it is based on the construction system of nomad tents, with 6 wood posts, ropes and polyethylene mesh.

Let's try what we get and if we can use it to irrigate the vegetable garden. If not, we will use the structure as a support for climbing plants in order to create a vertical garden model, which could be interesting to produce shade and to protect the vegetable garden from the wind and the sand.

This research has been made in the framework of Marsad Drâa, our platform for desert researches.