paseo de las palmeras de ceuta 2002-2017 / by Carlos Perez Marin

15 years ago we started the works for the renovation of the "Paseo de las Palmeras" in Ceuta.

You will find on this link all the information about the projet, the competition, the researches during the execution project, others complementary proposals, the works and the present state.

We won the competition at the end of November 2001 and the works (I quitted the works three months before they finished them) were finished in December 2003, which means, we had only two years to do the project and to build it. It was crazy but we also had the opportunity to work with an amazing team (José Luis Pérez Marín, Antonio Molina Ortiz, Vicente Vicent / Juan Astorga, Rocío Salvador, Ismael Martínez, Rocío Martín, Desirée González, Judith Martínez, Nordim Abdesalam, Mayte Martín, Francisco Pantano/ Manuel Pérez Marín / José Luis Pérez Díaz / José Luis Gómez Barceló / Ricardo Ugarte / Younès Rahmoun, Antonio San Martín, Ahmed Amrani).

Even if we made some mistakes and despite the changes the Mayor has made during all these years, I think the city is better now, with all the new public spaces.

About the acoustic protection, one of the raison I quitted the works (the Mayor didn't want to build it because it was a very contemporary element for the city), I'm still waiting to see what politicians will do, now that they have the legal obligation to protect the dwellings from the trafic noise in the area.