caravane tighmert 2015-2017 by Carlos Perez Marin

In two weeks we will have a new edition of Caravane Tighmert. This is a compilation of the activities we have done since 2015. Thanks to all the inhabitants of the oasis and the artist that have come during these years.

(Caravane Tighmert is parallel program we organise from Marsad Drâa with friends from Tighmert, Guelmim in the south of Morocco)


Fez-Merzouga ETSAM by Carlos Perez Marin

Trip with the students of the architecture school of Madrid (ETSAM) and their teacher Marta Maiz.

We had the opportunity of visiting the city of Fez, the archeological site of Volubilis, the dunes of Merzouga and the ksar of Mezguita (Rissani).

During our stay in Merzouga the students had also the opportunity to collaborate with Spanish artist, Ruben Martin de Lucas ( on his research "burocracia".

We would like to thank Ahmed Laaroussi, head of the architecture school of Fez (Université Privée de Fès) for letting us discover the medina (with Mr Benkirane).


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