heidi vogels / gilles aubry in Tighmert by Carlos Perez Marin

Last week I had the opportunity to share some, and new, amazing experiences with Dutch artist Heidi Vogels (www.heidivogels.nl www.gardensoffez.com) and Swiss artist Gilles Aubry (www.earpolitics.net), and of course with Ahmed Dabbah. 

Heidi Vogels

Gilles Aubrey

The artists came to make some researches on oasian way of life (inside and outside the oasis) and on traditional music. During our stay, we could better understand the importance of Tighmert in the Moroccan history as well as in the current natural ecosystem of the region, thanks to the spring near the oasis, a real crossroad in the Oued Noun region. 


However, non of these experiences can be compared with the encounter with nomads. We had the opportunity of sharing one night with a nomad family, talking, singing and sleeping with them, and another one with camel herders, learning more and more about this incredible animal. 


Moreover, Gilles could meet some descendants of ancient Guedra dancers that performed for Paul Bowles in the 50s, as well as women working and singing near the oasis.

It will be very interesting to see what artists will produce with all the materials they got during the week, maybe we will see a preview during the next Caravane Tighmert festival in July...

Thanks to both of you for trusting us when we proposed you the oasis of Tighmert as an artistic place for research and creation.