retour de tighmert: épisode 2 tétouan by Carlos Perez Marin

Présentation à Tétouan des travaux réalisés par les étudiants de l' Institut National des Beaux Arts - INBA lors de l'atelier fait à l'oasis de Tighmert (Guelmim, Maroc) en avril 2019 avec les étudiants de l'École nationale supérieure d'arts de Paris-Cergy, en partenariat avec LE 18 Marrakech et Caravane Tighmert.

retour de tighmert: épisode 1 marrakech by Carlos Perez Marin

Conversation qui a eu lieu au centre culturel LE 18 à Marrakech le 17 avril 2019, avec les artistes Mohamed Arejdal, M'Barek Bouhchichi, Laila Hida, Claudia Triozzi et l’architecte Carlos Perez Marin, ayant fait l'expérience de la résidence Caravane Tighmert dans le passé et qui répondent aux questions de la contemporanéité du désert et de la place de la culture contemporaine dans la société marocaine.

Par ailleurs des étudiants des écoles d'art de Tétouan (INBA) et Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC) ont parlé de leurs expériences après l’atelier une semaine que nous avons organisé à Tighmert dans le cadre de Caravane Tighmert 2019 et de leur restitution (dessins, vidéos, installations, photographies et performance) montrée ce soir même au 18.

sakhra march 2019 by Carlos Perez Marin

In September 2018, we (Abdeljalil Saouli, Gilles Aubry and myself) started to work on an artistic project in Moulay Bouchta Al Khamar, a village situated 75 km north of Fez. We met in Moulay Bouchta to explore the possibilities this place offer to contemporary culture, guided by Abdeljalil who grew up there and decided to come back and settle down after his studies at the art school of Tetouan (Institut National des beaux-arts de Tétouan).

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espacios desérticos y creación contemporánea by Carlos Perez Marin

Conferencia del pasado 12 de febrero 2019 en el Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza “Mariemma”  de Madrid sobre espacios desérticos y creación contemporánea, basado en nuestras experiencias en el desierto y especialmente con los proyectos Caravane Tighmert y Project Qafila.

atelier inba tetouant 2018 by Carlos Perez Marin

This year I will work again with the students of the Art School of Tetouan (Morocco). The workshop will take place from the 1st to the 16th February. We will work on a 20 meters high art installation in a small street of the medina (UNESCO World Heritage Site). We will discuss, and learn, about art in public spaces, heritage as a source for contemporary art, scale and construction systems, representation... 

qanat by Carlos Perez Marin

Le 18 Marrakech scheduled a very interesting program related to WATER (in the framework of Kibrit). As we shared some topics and some artists participated also in Beyond Qafila Thania, we decided (with Platform Harakat) to match our agendas in order to visit the Drâa valley in Zagora (Morocco) and discover its heritage concerning water, architecture and caravans.

There was also a round table with artists and researches on the experience during Beyond Qafila Thania project.

culture strategy for guelmim oases by Carlos Perez Marin

Last week we handed a proposal over to authorities on contemporary culture in the oasis of Guelmim (made through Marsad Drâa and Caravane Tighmert). A program that authorities asked us at a meeting last July . It will take a few more weeks to know if they accept the challenge of bringing contemporary culture to those little paradises that are still the oases.

A big thank you to all the artists for trusting us and for their engagement in this adventure.

This culture strategy has four aims:
- to provide access to multidisciplinary artistic training for the oasis population.
- to develop a cultural network in the province (which will allow a better social cohesion).
- to encourage contemporary creation, based on oasis cultures.
- to promote contemporary oasis cultures at regional, national and international levels.