qafila thania routes by Carlos Perez Marin

We are working on the next caravan, Qafila Thania, in the framework of Project Qafila. After Qafila Oula we are studying three possible routes for this new experience:

Tissardmine-Figuig: 324 km, 15 days
M'hamid-Agdz: 194 km, 10 days
M'hamid-Tighmert: 464 km, 21 days

These routes were used by caravans arriving from Mali and Mauritania in theirs ways to Marrakech and/or Fez.

To be continued

caravans researches by Carlos Perez Marin

We could say we just started a research project on caravans. In fact we just agreed to share the information we have been collecting during our researches, it doesn't matter if they have been made by visual artists, curators, sociologistes or architects, or if they concern Morocco, Mali or Sudan. On the contrary, we think it is even better to have several approches from different disciplines. Maybe we will continue to work by our own (but with more information), perhaps some of us will develop some concret projects, let's see what happens...

Thanks to Amado Alfadni, Olì Bonzanigo, M'barek Bouhchichi, Eleonora Castagnone, Pau Cata and Carlos Perez Marin for sharing your work and for trusting in this proposition.

This is the first transdisciplinary research group, others will come with students from the INBA (Tetouan), ESAV (Marrakech), FST (Errachidia), ESMAB (Fez), so feel free to propose one.