atelier inba tetouant 2018 by Carlos Perez Marin

This year I will work again with the students of the Art School of Tetouan (Morocco). The workshop will take place from the 1st to the 16th February. We will work on a 20 meters high art installation in a small street of the medina (UNESCO World Heritage Site). We will discuss, and learn, about art in public spaces, heritage as a source for contemporary art, scale and construction systems, representation... 

inba workshop, tétouan by Carlos Perez Marin

It has been a pleasure to organise a workshop for the students of the art school of Tetouan (the only belonging to the culture ministry). During three weeks we have been working on art interventions in public spaces, more specifically in the medina from the 15th century.  

Besides, it has been an honour to teach at this school, because the history you can find on its ateliers and corridors. Most of the best Moroccan artist have studied here and I hope some of mines will in the future.

Institut National des Beaux-Arts de Tétouan (Maroc)