urban planning

square in la reina, ceuta by Carlos Perez Marin

After one year, it seems the works for the urban renovation in La Reina neighbourhood are going to start very soon, according to the publications on local medias (El Faro de Ceuta, Ceuta al Día).

It is a small project but once again we tried to provide the maximum of confort to inhabitants with the minimum budget (this time, 60 000€). We also dedicated a lot of time to design the wooden benches instead of choosing them from a catalog. For more information about the project click on the image.

talks and round tables in 2018 by Carlos Perez Marin

This year I had the chance to talk in Ceuta, Fez, Zagora, Bir Gandouz (Dakhla) and Marrakesh about Saharan caravans, architectural heritage, nomadism, territory and urban planning in the desert, water and contemporary culture. Thanks a lot to Aula permanente de formación abierta (Granada University), Takafes, Forum International des Oasis, Ministère de l’Aménagement (Morocco) and Le 18 for trusting me.

takafes by Carlos Perez Marin

Next week-end we will talk about colonialism héritage in Moroccan cities. Exhibitions, round tables and tour guide in Fez (Morocco). I will specifically speak about the city of Tetouan and what we can learn from that process, in order to do not make the same mistakes in contemporary Moroccan cities.

It is an event organise by TAKAFES. More information on their website: