espacios desérticos y creación contemporánea by Carlos Perez Marin

Conferencia del pasado 12 de febrero 2019 en el Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza “Mariemma”  de Madrid sobre espacios desérticos y creación contemporánea, basado en nuestras experiencias en el desierto y especialmente con los proyectos Caravane Tighmert y Project Qafila.

chergui #001 2019 by Carlos Perez Marin

Le 18 is an independent culture centre based in Marrakesh. Last week they presented a new publication on contemporary art with contributors that have participated to their multiples art activities. Its founder, Moroccan photographer Laila Hida, asked me to share my research on caravans, in the framework of Project Qafila, but from her own perspective, approaching the narration of my travel story by the fictionality that allows the internet tools.

road trip Ceuta / Moulay Bouchta Al-Khamar (Taounate) by Carlos Perez Marin

On January the 25th with Younès we went to Moulay Bouchta Al-Khamar (Taounate), a visit to our friend and visual artist Abdeljalil Saouli and to the place where we will initiate in March, an artistic research program called SAKHRA (with Gilles Aubry and Abdeljalil himself). We went by taxi and it was another way of discovering these rural regions. Click on this pictures to watch more.